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For female entrepreneurs looking to level up their business with beautiful & cohesive social media


 Why do you need help with social media anyways?

You have social media accounts, but you hate updating them, you don't know what to post, you feel like you don’t have anything to post - you just don't have time, and even if you did you don’t know what to say or how to get more engagement. (Take a deep breath!) Step away from the stress of social media and back to doing what you love. Imagine having a beautiful instagram with engaged followers, sipping a glass of wine and watching the likes roll in.


The Packages



This package is for the ladies that know what to say but feel like they have nothing to post or just can’t get the ‘gram to be cohesive. You get 30 posts edited & curated along with a mock up plan to follow. All you have to do is caption, post, and go. Sound easy? It is!

social management

Whether you don’t have time, you’re feeling overwhelmed, or you don’t know what to do, the instagram management package allows you take control of your social media. All you have to do is send over a minimum of 12 photos, approve the 30 post mock up we send you, & watch the likes roll in. No posting, no captions, just relaxation.

content creation + management

Le ultimate package for serious entrepreneurs - we photograph your content & fully manage your social. All you have to do is mail us your product, approve the photos & mock up & watch your beautiful, cohesive & social build a following of fans.


 Ready to ditch the stress of not knowing what to post? Ready to finally feel confidant when you are writing your captions?


Take a look at some previous projects

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Frequently Asked Questions


What will the process consist of?

The process consists of: client completeing the questionnaire and sending photos and login info, approving post mock up and then transfer of assets (for posting plan) or scheduling and captioning of posts (for management plans).

What will I need to provide in order for you to start working?
Before I can get to work, I will need your questionnaire, a minimum of 12 photos, & any login information. Please note the process goes much smoother if you disable your double authentication option on your social media.

Will I need to hire a professional photographer to take pictures for my website or social media page?

Of course not! Many cameras and cell phones will take great, quality pictures that can be used, although the better the photos, the more polished and professional your site will be.

What can I expect for a timeline from start to finish?
The timeline really depends on how quickly I receive your questionnaire & your photos. Typical turnaround time is 2 weeks for the management packages to start posting and about 1 week to receive your content for the posting plan (after all materials have been received).


Do you start working as soon as I purchase the product?
I will start working as soon as you complete the client questionnaire and send me all materials I need to get started (i.e. photos, login information etc.)

How does the revisions process work?

Once you receive your 30 post mockup you will tell me what changes you would like to see, if any. I’ll make the request revisions and send you your updated mock up. Once approved (for the posting plan) I’ll send you the posts, and (for the management packages) I’ll start scheduling the content and creating the captions & hashtags.

How will I be able to contact you throughout the process (best form of communication)?

All communication will be through email. I work Monday - Friday 8am – 5pm PST. Communication will take place throughout these times, and any emails outside of these times will be answered once regular business hours commence. Please allow 24 for a response.

Do you offer payment plans or refunds?
We do not offer payment plans for social media packages at this time. Due to the digital nature of the products, I do not offer refunds.


 Still have questions?

Let’s chat! Send me a message and let’s get started creating your beautiful new branded social media!