Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer free consultations?

I do offer free consultations! Consultations are 30 minutes and we will discuss what you’re looking for, what you can expect throughout the process, and then any final questions you might have. Click HERE schedule!

What will the process consist of?

The process consists of: consultant, client questionnaire and any photos/copy/videos and login in turned in, mock up of homepage sent to you for revisions, moving on to complete the other pages of the site and finalization of the project and transfer of site ownership.

What will I need to provide in order for you to start working?

Before I can get to work, I will need your questionnaire, any photos and copy that you want on your site and any login information for services such as Mailchimp and Instagram.

Will I need to hire a professional photographer to take pictures for my website or social media page?

Of course not! Many cameras and cell phones will take great, quality pictures that I can use, although the better the photos, the more polished and professional your site will be.


Do I need to purchase a custom website template or will I use a free one?

You can use a free template. We will use this as the foundation to customize and build out your site.

Do I need to have a domain name before you create my website?

You do not need to have a domain name before we start working but you will need to purchase one before we launch your site.

Will you create logos for my brand?

Logo design is only included in our branding packages

Can I purchase more services for a discounted rate?

Any further services can either be bought as a package, individually, or at my hourly rate


Are there fees for specific platform subscriptions? And do I have to purchase this before you get started or is it worked into the price of the package?

There are fees for the platform subscriptions and are not included in the package price. The fees vary across the different platforms as well as the prices for the package for specific platforms.

Do you start working as soon as I purchase the product?

I will start working as soon as you complete the client questionnaire and send me all materials I may need to get started (i.e. photos, copy/text, login information etc.)

What can I expect for a timeline from start to finish?

The timeline really depends on how quickly I receive your questionnaire and ALL the materials (copy, photos, product information, etc). Typical turnaround time is 10 weeks for website design (after all materials have been received).

Do you offer payment plans?

We do offer payment plans for some of our packages, as well as select customized packages. If you do choose to do a payment plan, 50% down is required, and second payment is required 4 weeks after. If your second payment is not met, all work will cease until the second payment has cleared plus a $30 late fee.


Will I be able to maintain the website myself once it is complete?

Yes! I will turn everything over to you and you will be able to manage your site completely on your own. I also offer 2 week technical launch support to answer any questions you may have regarding your new site.

Will you write/edit content for any blog or website work?

I don’t write any content for your site, although I am able to grab bits and pieces from different areas (About, Our story, etc.) to use as blurbs if needed. All copy will need to be turned over at the start of the process so I can include it on the website. If you need any help we offer copywriting!

Am I allowed to make changes myself while you are designing?

No. If there are any changes or edits you would like to make, please let me know - it is very difficult if someone else is editing at the same time.Please, please resist the urge to edit your site yourself. I am not responsible if you edit anything and “mess it up” or “break something”. These mistakes will be fixed at an additional cost.

How will I be able to contact you throughout the process (best form of communication)?

We will have our initial consultation on the phone and then any further communication will be through email. Any calls or texts to my phone will not be answered or acknowledged. This is my private phone line, please respect it!


What platforms do you build websites on?

I use Squarespace, Wordpress, Shopify, and Wix to build websites, however, Squarespace is definitely my favorite! Click HERE to read why!

Will I own all the finished work?

Yes. At the end, I will transfer the site and all materials to you.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the products, I do not offer refunds on any project or work.

Do I need to provide all the pictures?

The more options I have to use to create content for your page is always best. However, I am able to use stock imaging that fits your style and brand for an additional cost.


What days/times do you work?

I work Monday - Thursday 9am – 5pm & Friday 10am-2pm. Communication will take place throughout these times, and any emails outside of these times will be answered once regular business hours commence.

Are the different website platforms suited better for different types of businesses or will they all work well for anything?

Yes, depending on your needs there are definitely better platforms for different types of websites. During your consultation call we will discuss this and decide which is best suited for you.

Can I use files or ideas from drafts I did not select or pay for?

No, any logo/branding concept not paid for, selected, etc is owned by Saltwater Studio and cannot be used in any way shape or form. If any concept, draft, etc is used in any way, legal action can and will be taken.

How does the revisions process work?

Once you receive your mockups you will tell me what you like, dislike, would like to see changed, etc. *All feedback must be in one email, I will not answer feedback that is a multi-email string of thoughts, questions, and revisions. I do not want you to feel rushed, so please take the time to think about it. I want you to LOVE the work I do for you, which is why I ask for your input throughout the process.


I need a lot of help, but I’m not sure what package to buy!

You can buy each smaller individual package one at a time, or buy them in a lump (and save a little money too!). Schedule a consultation call and let’s talk about it!

Will be website be coded?

Although we make coding adjustments to our websites, the sites are not custom coded from the ground up. We start with a template (like a design skeleton) and customize and build it out from there.

Do you offer any post launch support?

We offer 2 weeks of post launch support to make sure you have a good handle on managing your new, beautiful website.