Using A Quiz to Collect Data


Quizzes for engagement?


You may have noticed the new feature on my homepage: A Quiz. This is something I've been waiting to try out on my site for soo long but let's face it - quizzes are a little intimidating. How do you create all these questions and answers, make everything correlate to a specific result, and do it in a way that's not super cheesy? I knew I wanted to try a quiz to boost engagement and email sign up's, but I also knew I wanted it to fit in with my brand - pretty, fun, elevated, but still informational and data driven. 

Cue the quiz creation tool Interact.

I can use it to create my quizzes, deliver targeted content, and grow my subscriber base. However, what I'm most excited for it to see the results of the quizzes. My quiz (as you might have already seen) is about focusing on frustrations with social media and ways to improve the biggest issues.

So what do you do with all this data once it's been collected?

Once I've collected all this (super valuable) data on what my viewers biggest frustrations with social media is, I can create content, free guides, and new products in response to those answers. Better yet, I can continuously make new quizzes on different aspects of my business like web design, branding, and marketing to find out what my customers need and continue to improve my free content and product offering in response to it.