Using Pinterest for Business


Have you ever wondered how to make Pinterest work for you and your brand?

Well, you're not alone! The first and most important thing you need to know about Pinterest is that it’s unlike any of the other social media platforms out there – it’s completely unique and powerful on its own to your brand - and it functions exactly like another site we all constantly utilize.


Picture this: you go to a search engine and at the top of the page there's a search bar, you type in a set of some specific words, hit 'enter' and from there you're presented with thousands of options for you to scroll and click through. Right now, you're probably thinking, obviously you're talking about Google. You'd be right, but I'm also describing Pinterest!

Pinterest functions much the same way as Google, but instead, your search results yield visual results.

Pinterest is essentially a social media search engine that is a huge asset to brands and businesses alike as it allows your business to be found by customers who are specifically searching for things in your exact category.

 Every day there are millions of users purposefully searching for and finding content – content that could be yours! Most of the time when we go on Pinterest, we don’t aimlessly scroll through everything on the homepage hoping to find something that pertains to what we're searching for like we do on Instagram or Facebook. More often than not we type in specific keywords and terms to find what we're looking for, whether it be the perfect recipe, article, or inspiration. To leverage Pinterest effectively for your business you need to do two things: properly optimize your Pinterest post and consistently "pin" to reflect your brand and business.


How do you properly optimize your Pinterest post?

Optimizing your post is broken down into 3 things: Choose the best visual or photo, insert a URL to link the post to your product page, blog post, sale, or homepage, and writing a great description & title with SEO rich words. If you haven't really touched SEO and are a little intimidated by it, don't worry, we'll dive into it later - but for now, all you need to know is that inserting SEO rich words is more than just describing the post. It can be as simple as including a little customer education to add more depth and substance. In short, SEO helps your post gain more visibility and will thus bring more coveted customers to your business!


Wide vs Narrow Keywords

You’ll want to make sure to include both wide and narrow keywords. What’s the difference? A wide set of keywords are descriptive search words that many people use, that can pertain to many things. The plus is that they have the potential to reach a huge amount of people, but the drawback is that your content can easily be lost amongst the thousands of other posts with the same general keywords. If your brand is an all-natural baby brand these words might be things like: baby, baby clothes, infant clothes, etc. Narrow keywords are more specific and although don’t reach as wide of an audience, are more specific and have a higher possibility of reaching a smaller audience, but an audience who is more specifically interested in your product or brand. Narrow keywords might be things like all natural baby clothes, organic baby onesie, natural beechwood teether, etc. Using a mixture of both narrow and wide keywords 

Pinterest is a must use tool for any business and if you're not already using it, we'd suggest getting on right now and setting up that business account! Using Pinterest properly will only add success to your business, now, go out and use Pinterest to be a Boss Babe!