8 Reasons To Use Squarespace


You are unique, and your website should be too. Squarespace makes it super easy to custom design just about anything. But Wordpress and Shopify have plug-ins! I hear this all the time and cringe - yes, they do have plug in’s. However, the majority of Wordpress plugin’s pose don’t work very well and pose a security risk to your site, and Shopify needs plug in’s to be able to do a lot of things that comes naturally to Squarespace. Yes, there are a handful  of cool Shopify plug-in’s (mostly one’s you have to pay for) but personally, I don’t think that’s enough to tip the scales. Customizing Wordpress design is a hassle (and very restrictive) and customizing Shopify design is just plain restrictive. 


Squarespace is SUPER intuitive and easy to learn. You don’t want to continuously have to pay someone to make every tiny update on your site for you do you? Squarespace is the perfect resolution for that. Once the design and set up is done, updating it yourself is very easy.


Responsiveness in a website is SO important! On average 30-50% of your traffic is going to be viewing your website on their phone and if your site isn’t responsive, viewers aren’t seeing your content and you probably are missing out on engagement and sales. Having a responsive website is one of the most crucially important things you can do for your site.


Whether you're starting an online boutique or sell services, or sell downloadable content, Squarespace does it all and it’s soooooo easy. Although many people hear that Shopify is better for E-Commerce, I disagree because after spending 5 years as an online merchandiser (and one of my main responsibilities was setting up products and analyzing “Why are the selling or not selling?”) I can’t stress enough how important it is to be able to fully customize your product landing page. There were times that making simple design changes on the product listing page impacted the sales of an item by double digits and this capability just isn’t available in Shopify.


Squarespace is one of the most affordable hosting services you can use! Downloading Wordpress onto a BlueHost account is a thing of the past. Squarespace commerce is the same price as wordpress and cheaper than Shopify, and has the same or more capabilities (integrated shipping, oh yeah!). I personally have had websites on Wordpress, Shopify, and (currently) Squarespace and I feel like I definitely get the most bang for my buck here. 


Consistently checking your analytics is one of the most important things you can do for your site. How do you know what is working? What’s not working? What people are looking at? How customers are getting to your site? What they’re clicking on? Analytics - and if you don’t know these things you are missing out on a HUGE chance to improve your website, and improve your business. Squarespace provides very detailed analytics and they’re super easy to understand, even for a website beginner :)


Integrate your email list and your appointment scheduler directly into Squarespace. This has personally been a HUGE time saver for me! Because I don’t have to worry about making client’s fill out contact forms and then coordinating a time to talk, they can do it themselves, automatically receive cute (and customized) confirmations and reminders, AND all my list sign up’s are sent directly to MailChimp - and I never have to lift a finger!


“But I heard Wordpress was better for SEO?” I hear this ALL the time! Yes, Wordpress is great for SEO, but better? Not Necessarily. Squarespace was created with easy SEO in mind and although there are a lot of opinions out there, most of SEO’s effectiveness comes from what you do for your site.